On this land, There’s What’s Worth Living

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  • On this land, there’s what’s worth living

    “On this land, there’s what’s worth living” an Arabic poem by Mahmoud Darwish ~ High resolution version of this image (6000 x 4000 pixels) is available at Photos8.org on this page :  On This Land There’s What’s Worth Living

    There’s on this land, what is worth living, The recurring of April, the smell of bread at dawn, A woman’s amulet for men , Aeschylus’s writings, the beginning of love, Grass on a stone, mothers standing on the thread of a flute, and the invaders fear of memories.

    There’s on this land what is worth living, The end of September, A lady leaving the forties with all its apricot, The hour of sunlight in prison, Clouds imitating a flock of creatures, A people’s cheers for those going up to their doom, smiling and the tyrants fear of songs.

    There’s on this land what is worth living, There’s on this land, the lady of lands, the mother of the beginnings and of the ends.

    It was called Palestine, Its name later became Palestine, My lady: I deserve, since you’re my lady, I deserve life.

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