CASE Act Passed By Senate Judiciary Committee

The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2019 (the CASE Act) is a United States law that establishes a small claims court-type system within the United States Copyright Office for copyright owners to seek damages under US$30,000 for copyright violations. The CASE Act, a major piece of legislation that would introduce a small claims … Read more

Avoid Copyright Infringement and the Rights of Another’s Creative Work.

Copyright is one of several categories of intellectual property (IP) protection, designed to safeguard the creator’s, owner’s, or holder’s exclusive right to claim an original work as their own—when the work is fixed in a tangible medium. As soon as a work is written on paper, recorded digitally, or typed electronically—or anything that can be … Read more

Copyright & License Types

Finding stock photos and existing images is often quicker, cheaper and more practical than producing your own, Whether free or not, these resources normally come with a license to ensure fair use. For professionals, understanding the limitations of a license is critical; with this knowledge, you’d be surprised by what’s available. Understanding copyright and licenses … Read more