Everything About Cease and Desist Letters

A cease and desist letter does not automatically signify a lawsuit. It is simply a warning about illegal behavior that lets you know that further penalties could follow if the behavior, such as patent infringement, doesn’t stop. Here are some ways it is possible to violate the intellectual property of another: Plagiarizing someone’s work Using … Read more

Cease and Desist Letter Of Copyright Infringement

A Cease and Desist Order is just a form letter with legalize that says “Stop or Else”. Also known as a C&D, there are many templates found on the web, with examples listed below. Find one that meets your needs and customize it for your specifics. A Cease and Desist Order is a definite step … Read more

Copyright Registration for Photographers

Each time you take a photo, that image is copyrighted. Assuming that you can prove that you took a specific photo, then misuse of that photo could lead to monetary compensation. But the truth is that most intellectual property lawyers won’t touch your case unless the image has been registered with the US Copyright Office. … Read more